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Pewter Platter
Karen Helble

Pewter, Baskets, and Spoons

Tour Stop 1:
Taylorstown Pottery

Plain and simple... working with her hands makes Karen happy. She especially enjoys carving molds for her pewter castings and weaving. She has been creating pewter pieces for 40 years with her husband and weaving baskets for 30 years.

This year, Karen retired from the school system to work full time on her art and is loving every minute of it! This pandemic stay-at-home situation has allowed her even more time to regroup and organize her design ideas... and her work area. She says, "I am busting at the seams with new ideas and renewed energy!"

Colorful Flat Round BasketColorful Flat Round BasketDecorative Wood SpoonsDecorative Wood SpoonsOrnamentsOrnamentsPewter OrnamentPewter OrnamentReed BasketReed BasketHammered Pewter BowlsHammered Pewter BowlsPewter GobletsPewter Goblets